Ryan Donoghue

Ryan Donoghue

Ryan Donoghue

Strata Manager

Ryan has been assisting Strata owners to improve the value of their investment and quality of their home community living environment for several years and provides an equitable approach to dealing with some of the challenges that owning and living in a Strata Scheme can present.

His interest in Strata was sparked by years of living in and owning in multiple Strata Schemes where owners and residents were often dealing with similar issues.

He is focused on providing qualified and impartial advice to improve awareness and knowledge amongst Strata owners for the benefit of their shared investment.

Ryan has found satisfaction in navigating some Strata owners through the process of significant common property works projects in order to unlock amenity and value in their property.

With long term management experience developed from a background in the hospitality and retail sectors, the client services and operational management skills that Ryan has acquired are well matched to the management of Strata properties.

Ryan holds Certificate IV level qualifications in Property Services (Operations), in Training and Assessment and in Frontline Management. 

As an owner, resident, investor and serving member on multiple Strata Committees, Ryan also has a wealth of practical experience in Strata.

Outside of Strata, Ryan enjoys escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, travelling and spending quality time with family and friends.

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