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We are strata managers with a combined skill base in law, accounting, property management and customer service management.

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Striving To Be The Best

Strata Partners was established in 1994 with five original owners and equal partners. The motivation was to start a strata management company that would strive to be the best in the industry, achieve the highest level of customer service and provide a personal approach.

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Personal and Professional

We believe that strata management is a partnership between the strata manager and the client and that this relationship is the key to successful strata management. We appreciate that strata management is about people, understanding and empathising and working to achieve results together.

Highly recommend Strata Partners for their professionalism and guidance they have given to the Executive Committee of our Owners Corporation for the past ten years.

Our Strata Manager is always available for advice and is up to date with changes to legislation. Excellent service.

Secretary of Large Strata Scheme

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Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need To Know

View our frequently asked questions page to receive information on the most common strata related questions we receive.

Strata Managers are facilitators and act on instructions from the Strata Committee in the best interests of the Owners Corporation.

Strata Managers are involved in coordinating and performing certain delegated duties and functions that are on behalf of all the Owners of a Strata Scheme.

The Owners Corporation is comprised of all of the lot owners within a complex.

The Owners Corporation is a separate legal entity whose duties are to administer, control, maintain, repair and manage all areas of common property for the strata scheme. To manage finances, to keep and maintain the accounts and records, to comply with all legislation and to effect all insurances for the scheme.

The strata committee consists of representatives of the Owners Corporation elected at each Annual General Meeting who oversee the day to day running of a strata scheme. The Strata Committee provide instructions to the Strata Manager to complete these tasks.

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